Is it Possible a Tea “Detox” melt 41 pounds of excess fat after 7:01pm?

Because You Want To feel energizedinvigorated, and ready to take on the world. Because It's Not just to attain a slimmer figure. Because there's a supercharged weight-loss power of this refreshing skinny tea. Because a single product exist that can capitalize on true effective weight loss.
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  • My Juice Guide For Free

    How to start your 3 day cleanse without any preparation that’s correct, right? WRONG! The first step to take has nothing to do with juicing. Tip: Its all about the right mindset. Nevertheless Your Guide is as Free as Free can be. No cost ever!

  • Diets Still Work, Right?

    Let’s face it, “diets” have run their course. Shedding those extra pounds and looking great in the mirror will always have a pull for your state of mind, sure. But for an increasingly health-conscious person like you, the real push is for well-being. To feel energizedinvigorated, and ready to take on the world, not just to attain a slimmer figure.

  • Getting Back In Shape?

    If you think that cleansing alone will get rid of a huge overweight, while still eating junk food, then better skip the whole goal of losing weight. The 3 day cleanse guide is not about that.

  • We Love What We Do!

    And recommend a Cleanse, but more is needed. And my Juice Guide Friendly bribe Giveaway :-) is to show you all of it. Don't forget I've been there and love being in the shape I am right now.
    How about you?

  • Doing a Detox is Pricy?

    The guide is 100% free. Never will you be charged for it. But to be healthy again a few additional steps are recommended. Don't worry, I'm Dutch and we are known for being on the penny, hence none of my solutions will cost you more then pennies on the dollar. All you need is willingness to get there and some time!

When You look at my picture you might not realize it, but several years ago I was 255 Lbs, diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, had a failing liver and was about to die!

Hugo Smienk

Published Author - Turned Marketer, ChezHugos Enterprises

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